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Over my career as an educator, my thinking has shifted from focusing on how to “teach” to how to design opportunities for “learning”.  This blog chronicles my journey and shares some clues I have discovered along the way.  ~knowclue


Marianne Malmstrom 

aka Knowclue

An internationally recognised leader in the innovative use of virtual environments and digital multimedia in the classroom, Marianne believes in the importance of student voice in curriculum design. With a deep respect for the capacity of students as self-directed learners, she follows shifts in how they use technology in their everyday lives. By adopting their tools and mirroring the way they learn in their own space, Marianne is challenging the status quo by creating space for student-driven learning.

Pondering both virtual and physical identity 2008

Marianne’s thirty years of teaching and administrative experience spans from preschool through middle school. In 2003 she became a technology teacher and integrator for The Elisabeth Morrow School. Her current work focuses on exploring the use of multiplayer online games (MOGs) to support social-emotional growth and foster healthy norms in online communities. Based on original curriculum she created to help young students develop civil and safe practices in digital spaces, Marianne was invited to advise on the launch of the Born This Way Foundation.

The New Jersey State Legislature honored Marianne in 2010 for outstanding service, leadership and commitment as an educator. In 2011, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) selected her as part of its Teachers of the Future Program.

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Twitter: @Knowclue

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