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Knowclue is Marianne's moniker.

In 2007, ISTE built a virtual headquarters in Second Life. Curious about newly emerging online games and virtual worlds, Marianne decided to check out what ISTE was doing in the metaverse. She made an account and created Knowclue Kidd, her first avatar.

It turns out Marianne was not the only teacher who was curious. ISTE's presence in Second Life drew a crowd of early adopters eager to connect to other educators trying to figure out how technology would change the educational landscape. It was a remarkable time of professional discovery and intellectual generosity as they played together and learned together. The teachers stepped into the role of students and figured out how to build, script, animate and navigate the new environment.

Rex Heer may have been a noob, but his first project in Second Life was remarkable! He generously shared the glass butterfly wings he created with fellow educators. They were magnificent! Not only were they exquisitely beautiful, they moved with an ethereal lightness. Knowclue put them on and NEVER took them off again.


The wings became iconically linked to Knowclue, and Knowclue became inextricably part of Marianne's professional identity.

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