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MiniDevs &

The MiniDevs is a unique collaboration between real developers, real students, and real teachers co-constructing a real platform.


It grew organically from two ideas merged at a New Zealand Tech Week mixed-reality hackathon in 2017. Theta developer, Jim Taylor showed up with a HoloLens and wanted to build a platform for people to create their own virtual museums. Cool! I showed up hoping to find developers willing to create a sandbox platform for students to create their own content. We formed a team, built a prototype, and won the hackathon.

Unbeknownst to me, Jim continued to work on the prototype for the next several months. I was surprised when he invited me to Theta to see his progress and announce that Theta wanted to develop our prototype with the caveat that students help design it. Radical. Brilliant!


The Minidevs are still going strong, and Mixiply is now a reality.

Marianne Malmstrom

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 5.23.22 PM.png


Pioneer | Innovator



  • Teen Second Life

  • OpenSim

  • LEGO Universe 

  • Minecraft

  • Eco

Developer Collaboration

  • Playing Mondo

  • HackMinis

  • MiniDevs


  • Machinima

Learning Specialist


  • Design

  • Assessment

  • Leveraging Student Voice

  • Leveraging Learner Agency

  • Constructivist Learning

  • Co-Constructed Learning

  • Student-Driven Learning

  • Digital Fluency

  • Media Literacy


  • Safety & Citizenship

  • Online Communities

  • 24/7 Servers

  • Social Media

Games & Learning

  • Mixed Reality (XR) 

  • Game Design

  • Game Development

  • Hackathons | GameJams

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